Monday, 19 December 2011

Claire & Chris Blair Castle Wedding (part 2)

The second instalment from the Hobson wedding, after a rainy dash from Atholl Palace to Blair Castle in some gorgeous vintage cars, Claire arrived at the castle to the welcoming sound of the pipes (although young Archie didnt find it so welcoming, bless!) so the pipes ceased so to settle the young man. Leaving Claire and her father Gordon a few peaceful moments to revel in the day. During a unique ceremony, with lots of amusing tales from Chris and Claires lives together causing a full house of smiles. A lovely tradition a hand fasting was performed by a great down to earth minister, Jane Betchel. Again young Archie wanting to be involved made sure he said his piece during the ceremony, while playing cars through his fathers feet!
All in all it was a spectacular be remembered by many...


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