Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lynsey and Alan - Carnoustie Golf Hotel - Angie B Photography - Wedding Photographer of the Year 2015 (SWA)

As a lot of you may already know, but my wedding clients often start as clients as finish as friends. Although sometimes Im lucky enough to be invited by 'already friends' ;-) to capture their special moments. As soon as I received a call from Alan, that he had proposed to his 'just as crazy' soulmate - Lynsey in Ibiza, I was super excited to be involved in the day. Knowing this was going to be the party of all 'parties'. I was not disappointed - their Gallery oozes, love, loud laughter, fun and banter!

I arrived early as the girls were all preparing, although Lynsey was being pampered at another location, we all excitedly awaited her arrival, and to put on THE dress! (One of my favourite moments of the day - actually thats not fair the whole day is full of 'favourites') 

Alan, was only a short journey away awaiting his wife-to-be at Carnoustie Golf Hotel - again no nerves here just lots of laughter and excitement - and some 'ribbing' from his best man! It wasn't long before Lynsey arrived, her bridesmaid and flowergirls in a lovely vintage bus, and herself and her dad in a complimentary vintage car - just beautiful. 

There was a little bit of 'antics' - sticking to tradition Lynsey didnt want 'anyone' to see her until she walked down the aisle - due to some unfortunate timing, that meant a little delay - with her waiting in her bridal car, while her Gran impressively ambled to her venue as quick as she could. Although Lynsey has some funny words of encouragement, her gran's eyes just twinkled - I get the impression shes used to it! :-)

During our pre-wedding meeting I discovered, that there was a possibility I may be the 'weeping photographer' again (That only happened twice!), as Lynsey was so happy and emotional about the day, we all said we expected a few tears from her - then when other people are 'cry-happy' I cant help but get swept up in that. Again another 'favourite' from the day!
After all that expectation, Lynsey rocked up to her Ceremony (literally she danced half her way there..) and there was not one happy tear shed, LOTS of laughter, giggles and smiles in abundance instead!

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