Tuesday, 25 February 2014


This post is being written from recent experience and has a dual purpose 1. to discuss an issue Im sure lots of you have and 2. to read/remind myself of next year when I potentially make the same error! :-)
My son's 6th Birthday has just passed and he was delighted about having a Bowling Party with 12 of his friends (Twelve 6 year olds....I must be insane! ;-) )

He was so enthusiastic that together we designed American, bowling theme invitations and Party Bags, all the little details that we end up getting carried away with!

In the past, I have made sure to have my camera to hand for the cake 'bit' and 10 mins before, on birthday parties (so I get SOME images) but to ensure I spend the rest of the time enjoying their laughter, revelling in the squeals of excitement and just being 'Mum' of the birthday boy/girl.

This party was different, my son is getting older and forming independent friendships with his classmates, I knew I wanted to capture some of the magic of today - for him to keep. (We have a 'memory' box we add to). So along with all the other Birthday paraphernalia - cakes, candles, posters, goodies, party bags, I grabbed my 'work' bag without another thought. Slightly underestimating the task at hand....I mean individually 6 year old's are relatively responsible - together.....a whole OTHER story.

Instead I came home slightly frazzled but with a very HAPPY birthday boy, and only a handful of photos. None of the little details I had wanted to capture.....the excitement between him and his friends when they arrived, the tender moment between him and his father as he tries to guide and teach him to bowl (like a big boy!), that special 'wish' moment when he blows out the candles. In our family, you cant tell others about your birthday wish for fear of it not coming true, so this was a moment I had really wanted to have. See if I couldnt tell what was on his wee mind ;-)

I forfeited having these moments captured for being in these moments instead, as much as superwoman we try to be.....I couldnt be doing both. Instead I ferried kiddies to and fro the bathroom, got involved in their hilarious antics, listened to their stories and jokes (oh, how the young male mind works - this is a whole new thing for me! ), acted as waitress for the day and really deserved my glass of wine at the end of the night!

Who doesn't like to play "Duck, Duck......Goose!"  Especially if they get to make their Gran RUN like this!

These are the ONLY photos I have from the day and were taken in a short 5 minute window (the only time my hands were free to grab my camera!), all in all they remind us all of his day - they still make us smile, but I know it wasn't what I had in mind :-(

I'm not feeling guilty about this, just laughing at my thought I could be 'everywhere'....Next year, I will be hiring a venue WITH Entertainer and waitress/chef facilities (two less jobs for me) so I can play and capture them at play OR I may even hire a photographer myself, so I can really just enjoy and there can be some pictures of 'Mum' in his memory box too!

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