Friday, 16 May 2014

Dylan and Kaiden : Lifestyle and Cake Smash Session

WARNING: Two Seriously Cute Little Lads Below! :-)

Karen had contacted me previously in the year to enquire about a Cake Smash when her son turned one and as I like to provide a variety of images for clients I suggested completing half of their Session at an outside location with the other half saved for us to get messy and eat cake! (Cant be bad? ;-) )

When I arrived I was greeted by Kaiden (the eldest of the brothers) who was more than happy to welcome me and show me around, telling me all about his friends and nursery. I find this initial meeting period very important to get down on the childrens level and let them know Im interested in 'them' and not just taking photos of them. After 5 minutes of play or chat, we become 'friends' (hopefully!) and the session can provide much more natural images because the children do feel more comfortable and natural. I give them free rein (to a certain extent) lol.

We all walked a short distance (Kaiden led the way!) from their house in Birnam to a woodland park - the boys play at regularly, again familiar locations can be great for allowing me to get kids to show me whats what and feel like the boss for a while! (What child doesnt want to me the boss at least for a little while)

After a good run around (for me and the kids!) we were all ready for a rest and.....Cake! And this was the best CupCake two little "Supermen" could have asked for.
I actually offer 'Cake Smash Sessions' for 1st AND 2nd Birthdays, as often I find the youngers ones can be a little relunctant to dig right in...needing a little persuasion from myself or parents starting to dig away! Although I knew that Dylan's older brother would be involved in Sessions meaning that I knew he would follow lead from his big bro but none of this was necessary. Dylan delved RIGHT in, really enjoyed himself revelling in being allowed to make a complete mess of him AND his brother, and I can say for myself - it was one YUMMY cake! I really had such an enjoyable afternoon with Mum and her boys - I drove home with a big smile on my face, hopefully they had such a smile when they viewed their Gallery for the first time (fingers crossed) :-)

Doesn't matter how many years I do this, Im still on tiptoes til I hear my clients are happy with their images meaning my vision was what they were looking for. Photography after all is Art, its subjective and as much as I prepare and explain to my clients my style and my Sessions - you never really know if your visions are parallel until they have viewed them. I like to think its a mixture of my vision, informal yet professional work ethic, quirky (some might say dippy) nature that keeps clients happy with their experience with me and returning. (BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL THAT DO BY THE WAY!) :-) - Much Love!

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