Monday, 28 April 2014

The Fun you can have in the Sun - Adrianna and Mackay

Meet Adrianna and Mackay.....I am a supporter of swapping of services (foregoing the whole money thing....) and a friend of mine, had given us several very useful things to me when my daughter was I had naturally wanted to repay the favour, so I promised to do a Mini-Session for her initially last Autumn. But I had gotten way too busy, winter came and went and now we had the first real opportunity to have a coffee and a blether, I grabbed the chance to fulfil my promise for her although.....I hadn't counted on it being - lets say not 'ideal' circumstances that day......High Midday Sun (no clouds), no shade nearby, LOTS of wind and sand.
Never one to shy away from a challenge - we headed to the Park to play and all had a blast! Would you believe these children did not want to be photographed at the start?

Sometimes the simplest of activities i.e. going to the park, the library, a weekly visit to Gran can all provide lots of great photo opportunities within a session. This is Lifestyle photography in its essence - capturing you (at your best) ;-) living your daily life, whether that be in your house or at an outside location.
Have a little faith in me (and some of the silly things I may ask you to do to provoke a genuine smile!) and I promise to provide images of your family life you will cherish.

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