Monday, 14 April 2014

Aiden Adam - STUDIO Newborn Session at Clients home

Occasionally I get the good fortune to 'work' (really im playing) for friends - when their new arrivals enter the world. This was one of these occasions..............I met Clare at one of my weddings the previous year, she was bridesmaid to an lovely couple, Vikki & Scott - and I was the wedding photographer. Sometimes in life, I find you meet people who were just 'meant' to be on your path - this mad lot were that for me and I have stayed in touch with them all since, sharing silly nights and funny moments.

As soon as Clare & Sam found out they were expecting and past the 'safe' period, Clare mentioned she would want a Newborn Session - I was more than happy to oblige!
As I got to meet and play with, this adorable little guy Aiden Joseph Adams at 12 days young and he was just a joy!

I arrived and took longer to set up than normal, I have a problem chatting at the best of times but when working for friends....phew! Good job Sam, put the kettle on ;-) Aiden slept through set up, and apart from a small feed, slept pretty much through his session - only really stirring when we were finished....Now thats what you call co-operative!

Newborn  Sessions are another part of my job, I LOVE and do feel priviliged that parents entrust their precious new addition to me, to capture some beautiful images for them. This is a responsibility I take very seriously, safety is key to me - there are some things that if your baby is too strong or big for - I wont even try. Some other images you may see, are actually composite images - I always have a 'spotter' close by (normally a parent) so never leaving the 'littles' alone at any point.

I have a Studio Space suitable for Newborn Sessions for parents who decide they would prefer to just 'get ready and leave' to session or alternatively I can bring Studio equipment and a limited amount of props to clients own home, again a benefit of this is to be able to incorporate your own items in the session. Both options have different advantages, again Im happy to discuss this with any clients who have any doubts about being motivated for a Newborn Session just after giving birth. Get in contact, I will put your mind at ease!
During this session, Dad made (what I think was a flippant comment) ;-) about using his tools in the session, before we knew it we had this set up below - too cute. Dad is a Joiner by the way not a DeWalt Salesman...;-)

I Cannot think of a better way to spend a morning than with sleeping angels......

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