Monday, 28 April 2014

Ciaran, Kerry and Scott Sunset Session - everyone should have at least ONE in their lifetime...

Kerry and Scott, first contacted me when their son was born for Newborn images, although time and life got in the way and they deferred their session until their son was at his 6month (sitting up) milestone. I am glad they did in a way, as it allowed me to conduct a Sunset Session for them instead. As we are all local to Almondbank - it only seemed fitting to use a nearby location! After Kerry and Scott, had looked through some previous images in my Gallery they selected this location, which both of them had actually spent time playing as children themselves....I love a personal element ;-)

Although by the time Ciaran's session came around - he was just 'not' sitting independently (for short moments only)...being that Mum and Dad were keen to have their session as planned - I devised a new plan (grabbing lots of Newborn Baskets from the Studio)...and heading out. See improvisation is key sometimes - and I like to be kept on my toes!

Outside Sessions are always more relaxed than Studio Sessions, but Sunset Sessions seem to be even more relaxed (if thats possible!). I dont know if its that everyone has been fed, with nothing else to do in the day but enjoy their session then head home happy with their family. Not to mention the lovely light to be found at this time of day....

What I am to achieve in each session, is capture your character as individuals and as a family. So although I may direct you a place to 'be' (with good light and background etc) thats about as formal as I get. Instead I like to create fun activities or silly conversations to capture everyone naturally and at their best.

I really had the loveliest evening with this couple, walking in the sunshine - sharing silly stories and just generally smiling! If anyone has had the patience to read through most of my blog, you will see that I seem to love all of my clients - and I do! Whether its a similar style or personality that attracts certain clients.....but I feel so lucky have worked for such wonderful people - Im yet to meet a client who I dont think is fab!
A big part of how I conduct my sessions is my character and what I would like, I then try and provide that for anyone out there with a similar style etc, this is why on my blog (and other social media) I try to give an insight into me as well as display my work, as this is a big part of what you are investing in. And I like to give people some warning of my 'nuttiness' before they book in ;-)

As Ciaran's Gran had lovingly decorated his room for him (its gorgeous - Well Done Gran!) it would be rude not to spend some family time in there during our Session.

Then just before I was ready to leave Ciaran decided to show us he can sit up all by himself after all! :-) ;-)

Note to Kerry and Scott: Thank you guys for making me smile - I hope your Gallery has done the same for you ;-) 

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