Monday, 14 April 2014

Norwell Lifestyle Session

I was invited into the Norwell household as Maisie had just celebrated her first birthday and her mums wanted to capture this special time for them all. They had opted for a Lifestyle Session - using your own home as a 'backdrop' for your images. I find everyone is always more at ease than in my Studio Sessions and it adds a really personal element to the images captured. Lifestyle Sessions are all about capturing you doing your 'day to day' things with your kids and capturing it and all the smiles in between! Sometimes its building lego, reading a book or just simply playtime in their bedroom...

Then Maisie showed me the BEAUTIFUL room her Mummy and Mama had made for her, with such a wonderful place....I had to capture some of Maisie in here....

Again being in your own home, allows me to incorporate some personal elements/items you may not have though to bring to the Studio. This Creative BellyCast for instance - I instantly wished I had done this as soon as Andrea and Rachel showed me it. Initially blank, they both had a great idea of decorating it with a unique family tree for Maisie - sweethearts! Again I couldn't NOT use it - somewhere! ;-)

Natural images like below, are what I strive to capture for everyone, as these images are what mean the most to me. Images of my family, in our surroundings, doing our normal activities and all of the 'moments' that pass between us. I have lots of Studio Sessions I have conducted with my own kids, but favour Lifestyle images EVERY time. If anyone is any doubt, please contact me so I can put your mind at ease....and have a little faith in me! ;-)

As long as weather permits (and location) I like to provide some Outdoor (environmental) images for my clients too, to provide a variety for them. So after we had 'played' ourselves all out in Maisie's room - we headed out to the park! (Where better to be than in amongst the flowers?)

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