Friday, 29 August 2014

Carolyn and Steve - Doubletree Hilton, Dundee by Angie B Photography - wedding photography scotland

Saturday 26th July, 2014 belonged to Mr and Mrs Greer - who had the most amazing day at DoubleTree Hilton in Dundee. As you may have read from previous posts, I enjoy ALL my weddings and end up feeling quite friendly with all my couples - Carolyn and Steve were no exception.

 I knew even during our pre-wedding consultation, when I discovered how Steve proposed we would all have fun on the day. Steve was still a little tender from his stag do (Carolyn let him go to Ibiza! - lucky man) :-) but we still had a giggle and a good natter (probably me and Carolyn most though) ;-). These meetings are just as much about me creating a schedule and timeline as they are about us all getting to know each other and allowing couples to know more about my style and feel comfortable around me! (Before I point that big camera at you!) ;-)

I met Carolyn and her 'maids' in their suite, as they were preparing for the day. (I like this part, its like the getting ready with your friends on a Sat night when you were younger). Now some brides barely manage toast for nerves and things to do on their day, when C told me that she had eaten a full fry up - I knew it was game on. No nerves = even more fun!

I met Steve and his 'boys' outside, who were just as excited as the girls inside! :-) yay! I had remembered Steve had mentioned he didnt exactly enjoy having his photo taken, although no one else would have guessed - natural, like his beautiful wife! 

During their ceremony there were such personal readings conducted by friends and family, along with their mutual friend playing the guitar as Carolyn walked down the aisle, to be greeted by a groom in awe. (Honestly these guys were really cute together!)
They even had a 30 or 40 year old bottle of whiskey to drink from the quaich together, which unfortunately the best man had a little problems opening ;-) I'll say NO more....
All day I saw how many smiles (and tears) their friends and family had for them and their big day, again another 'big day' I left smiling broadly and feeling more like I was a guest than doing a 12 hour work day.
 I'll let the following sample of images tell the story of the rest of their day.

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