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Leigh and Scott Hudson, Spring Wedding at The Byre, at Inchyra - Angie B Photography - Wedding Photographer Perth Scotland

When I first met Leigh and Scott for their consultation, we drank tea, blethered - I met their bouncing boys. I heard all about their plans for their super intimate, laid back wedding at a rustic venue - when leaving I knew I wanted to be involved. Luckily they felt my style was a good fit for their day and it wasn't long before I got the invitation to be their photographer (insert happy dance) :-) and have been looking forward to their day since....Fast forward to Thursday 2nd April 2015.

Forecasts predicted doom and gloom, which I positively ignored and did little Angie B 'sundances' the day before (only clients are privy or subjected to these) ;-) Having conducted a pre-wedding venue visit, I knew there were plenty of photo opportunities inside and out, but I really wanted to make the use of the beautiful grounds of The Byre, at Inchyra and I was not disappointed. The sun shone for them and we had what felt like the first real day of spring sunshine.

I arrived to a happily relaxed bride, Leigh with her bridesmaid Camille who were being pampered by the skilled hands of Top Drawer Make up and HairGeek (having worked with these lovely ladies - I can recommend) and its always nice to cross paths with familiar friendly faces. Bridal Prep often becomes one big girly session!

After spending some time with the bride, I left the grand manor house of Inchyra and walked round the grounds to meet the groom, Scott at The Byre - where he was greeting his guests with no nerves in sight. Scott and his groomsmen were so relaxed. they were able to wind the photographer (myself) up at any given opportunity! ;-) (Dont worry boys - I wised up to that quickly and always enjoy exchanging quips!)

Before we knew it, it was time for a Wedding! Leigh looked stunning in her Classic gown, so happy I swear she 'glowed' and left little trails of happiness where she trode.

Dont believe me? Check below! :-) See 'glowing'!
Sometimes I wonder if clients reading my blogs think - 
Can Angie really love every wedding? and all her clients? 
To answer this, Yes. 
I wholeheartedly do and all for different reasons.
I believe because of my photography style, my ethos and just because 'like attracts like' - I have been gifted with clients that I couldn't have 'hand picked' better myself! Clients that are the type of people that could have very well been friends first if met under different circumstances. Clients dont only invest in me for their big day, but I in return invest in making their day the ultimate day for them in anyway I can and providing them with images that will evoke those special feelings of this awesome day. The muffled laughter with the girls prior to the ceremony, how protectively your father held your hand guiding you down the aisle, the private moment with your mother - beaming with proudness.....over the years of covering weddings and due to my style, I have a knack for knowing and being there, where and when these moments happen.

Leigh was piped into the ceremony by the wonderful piper, Jack Stewart. I love this part of the day - as soon as I hear the bagpipes, my excitement level doubles (if possible) I know the magic is just going to start!

Scott and Leighs completely individual ceremony was conducted by Scott Burton of St Mathews Church, Perth yet another part of their day which made me smile broadly, nothing ordinary here and plenty of giggles and laughter. When Rev.Burton proceeded to whip his guitar out and sing "Amazing Grace" a la burton style (to the tune of 'the lion sleeps tonight') - I wanted to clap along myself! I may or may not have sung along tunelessly too....:-) Yet another feature of the Hudson's day that made it just so 'them' - a fun loving family - wanting to enjoy their love and day with the closest around them.

After visiting The Byre, at Inchyra on only a couple of occasions now I still cant exactly pinpoint why I have such a fondness for this place. But I can tell you LOTS of reasons why! I can understand why Leigh and Scott, fell in love with the Byre as the perfect venue for their luxuriously, rustic, relaxed day. I was initially shown around by the Lady of Inchyra herself, who is such a welcoming host and it was quickly clear to me, how much pride and care herself and her staff take, in providing first class, personal, unforgettable days for many couples. 
The Byre has been restored to the highest standard, maintaining many rustic features although somehow remaining somewhat of a 'canvas' allowing it to easily be customised/personalised by each couple. I cant imagine there has been two weddings the same ever there. 
For Leigh and Scott there was fairy lights twinkling in the wooden rafters - shimmering above all the guests, Fragrant spring flowers were throughout - supplied by Hayley Allcoat Floristry, troughs filled with water and floating candles - the atmosphere was so relaxed and romantic! 
Willow sculptures adorn the inside of the 'atelier' of the byre and within the grounds by the talented Trevor Leat - Willow Artist . No other than a 'MoonGate' has been crafted by Trevor, which when as tradition tells, should bring any newly married couple Good Luck to walk through. (Which even if you aren't superstitious - can't hurt and makes for some amazing images) 

Food - there has to be a better word to describe the delicacies and artful treats that were supplied by caterers  Lazy Sunday but my descriptive vocabulary is not enough. I'll allow you to look (and drool) - all I can say is you have my word, that it all looked divine and tasted like a little piece of heaven. 

Leigh and Scott achieved their laidback, relaxed day of their dreams with the help of Kirsty of El Weddings , someone Ive worked with several times now and can recommend her friendly, professional attitude and that girl knows everyone and everything wedding related! Between the three of them - the suppliers that were selected for the day, felt like just one big family (could it be any better?) Good Food, wine, laughter, family, friends and dancing were key for the day and were achieved in abundance. What an unforgettable day they had - I hope I have captured it just they way they wanted.

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