Sunday, 22 March 2015

Alaina and Franky Connelly - Forbes of Kingennie - Angie B Photography (Wedding Photographer of the Year 2015)

Scotland at the start of March, is a little hit or miss with the weather, but for this special day Forbes of Kingennie we were not disappointed. The forecast was for showers (I sundanced ALL the day before believe me!) although mother nature had different plans and though it blew a gale - the sun shone strong for these two soulmates.

Having already photographed Alaina's brothers wedding previously in 2013, I looked forward to this tremendously as I knew how awesome this family can be and the grooms family didn't disappoint either, with some fast movers and fancy feet in their clan :-) Measure of a good day at work for me, is if I want to stay and party with the couple afterwards (of course I didn't and left everyone to party, but I did want to!)

I started at the lodge with the girls, all so excited but not nervous, those good butterflies you get when you know something incredible is going to happen. While Alaina's make up was done by the talented Sandra of SC Makeup Artistry her bridesmaid's teased her of making her late, to her dismay - I discovered this bride does not believe in being fashionable late :-) Alaina's hair was elegantly styled by Coleen of   House of Liberty  which suited her dress and look to a 'T'. Simply stunning.

Before I knew it, it was time to meet the groom (the day flies by for me, I can only imagine how quick it is for my couples) who was happily refreshing himself with his boys at the bar ;-) No nerves here either, just one very excited man - waiting on the woman of his dreams to arrive and become his wife.

Spud The Piper was the Connelly's Piper of choice, and what a good choice! Such a talented piper but top guy too - great banter, would recommend him to any of my clients. He piped the bridal party to the venue, much to little Harrisons (Alaina and Franky's son) displeasure - although we got a good smile when his 'peace' resumed :-)

After a touching ceremony, full of smiles and a few happy tears, it was time to steal the couple from their guests for their portraits. We headed to the boat Lodge, only a few minutes away but a chance for the couple to have the only 'alone' time of the day (if you dont include Ginny and I). A favourite part of the day for me, as for me its just like taking a walk with some friends. We laugh a little, reminisce of the ceremony just completed, exchange funny stories and just have a giggle. For those natural images of you enjoying each other, you have to be doing just that - enjoying yourselves and each other. 

During the Pre-wedding Meeting I always get to discover little details of the day (that guests dont), I discovered LOTS of special things planned by this special couple - too many to mention. The one that I HAVE to mention, is a pre-dinner game they played with their guests, that got EVERYONE up on their feet, dancing and smiling broadly. Brilliant Mr and Mrs Connelly, you played a blinder there!

Superhouse provided the entertainment for the night and continued that party atmosphere after the meal - playing a wide variety of excellent tunes. I can imagine all guests had sore feet but happy hearts the morning after this special day.
I want to thank Franky and Alaina, for inviting me to be involved in their big day and entrusting me to capture what is one of the most special moments in a couples life - I hope I did you proud.

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