Monday, 2 June 2014

Duncan Girls in the BLUEBELLS

Several times throughout the year (and for worthy causes) I like to donate some vouchers or my time to fund-raising efforts. This particular Session had been won by Nicolle in such a raffle and although it expired a month previous (Keep an eye on those dates people!) Nicolle contacted me anyway as she had been wanting to use the session for her and her daughter and as I had space in the diary (and Im not a total meanie!) I suggested we headed out to Murthly woods for an Outside Session - where better to take a nearly 2 year old, than to a 'magical' forest! ;-)

Caitlyn's Nanna and Auntie Nina, came along to enjoy the walk in the woods too, so never one to miss an opportunity to capture some family moments together, we did just that. Hope you Ladies had a giggle - I certainly did getting to know you all.
Remember: if you visit the Bluebells next time Ducan girls - wear boots at least for when leaving ;-) 

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