Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Who fancies a sleep in the Bluebells? Wallace Surprise Session

Do you remember a little while ago, I mentioned a babe sleeping in the Bluebells? Well at the time, I couldn't post any images as this Session was done, to provide Daddy with an extra special Fathers Day gift.
Now that Fathers Day has been and gone, Im safe to post some! yay :-)

Caroline, Struan (love the name Mum & Dad!) and 'Nana' met me at the Bluebell Woods by Murthly, although when I arrived the bluebell floor was covered in scattered sunlight - this quickly turned to dark clouds JUST before they arrived :-( Although great to see (of a similar mindsight to myself) a few drops of rain weren't enough to deter us from our walk and giggle in the woods.

Caroline had first been concerned about the possibility of a Bluebell Session as Struan was not yet sitting independently (he is only a wee young thing at 4months). I quickly put any worries at ease, through my experience and training (and the use of some good props!), I can still provide a nice variety of images of your child alone, as well as part of family portrait.

So laden with Umbrella's (most important!) and props, we headed to the woods. Struan's bewilderment at such a place was lovely to see, strangely (as a jaded adult! lol) I kind of feel like this every time I go to the Bluebells. In awe of such a lovely place, each and every time.

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