Thursday, 3 July 2014

House For an Art Lover : Dalziel Wedding 3rd May 2014

Its a cliche saying but one I mean whole-heartedly, I find it an honour when a couple entrusts me to capture the special moments and details of their long awaited big day. That being said, when a close friend bestows that honour upon you, by booking you for their big day - pressure/expectation is doubled (if possible).

Brian and Emma, I have known for several years and they have been a part of my own family's journey - growing up and new additions, so although I was hired as a photographer and invited as a guest - I couldn't do any less than my normal whirlwind of a day at weddings - and I loved every moment of it! Capturing as much spirit of their day as I could, knowing I could dance my little feet off in the evening.

First I met Emma, at her parental home, where she was preparing with her bridesmaid (and sister) Gillian. I had been invited to take a few family formal images before the ceremony although I took advantage of being there during this preparation period to capture some 'bridal prep' anyway. I like doing this for various reasons 1. Its nice to be able to introduce myself and put other members of bridal party at ease before formalities of the day begins, 2. I love to capture the little details which helps tell your story....those shoes you spent hours finding, the dress you spent weeks choosing etc and 3. I just love to be involved, its like getting ready with your friends before a big night out! 

Emma and Brian were married at St.Fillans Church before travelling to the gorgeous, House for an Art Lover - Glasgow. Due to the amount of photos in this blog, Im going to let the images tell this wonderful couples story - as believe me I could ramble on all night ;-)

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