Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Norwell 80th Birthday Celebration and Family Reunion - Angie B Photography - family portrait photography.

You may recognise some members of this large family celebration....I have already conducted a Family Session for Andrea, Rachel and Maisie - and had a great time :-) So when Andrea's mum was turning 80 (You wouldnt guess!) and they decided to mark the occasion with a big surprise Family re-union for her - they invited me along to capture the whole thing. Thank you all whole heartedly for the warm welcome, I had a great time with you all. (and even got to sneak some home baked goods home too - courtesy of fantastic chef/baker Rachel!) ;-)

Family came from near and far, literally - England, Spain and Perth, and I arrived early to capture these special moments of everyone first meeting each other after so long. Informal coverage is 'my thing', I love it for sure. I love mingling with you all - hearing your stories, getting in on the jokes and just generally allowing you to feel comfortable enough around me, for me to capture the 'natural' images I do.

I stayed long enough, to learn you all love each other dearly, are grateful for whatever time you get together and you like myself, you are partial to some good food, drink and company! I felt when I left the party was 'just' getting started - Im sure the laughter here could be heard well into the night.

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