Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Jacob Wiseman Newborn Session - Angie B Photography

Meet the adorable, very awake Jacob, His Mum and Dad, travelled all the way from Aberdeenshire for his session in my studio, thank you for making the journey to allow me to meet this cutie - with the wise eyes (coincidence his surname is 'wise'man?) :-)

Im actually providing Wedding coverage for Jacob's parents, Claire and Chris later this year- although on anticipating his arrival and seeing various other Newborn Sessions on my blog they booked in for a session last minute'ish - when Jacob was due to arrive within four weeks or so.

I think like most parents bringing in their brand new son or daughter, Claire and Chris were perhaps nervous that Jacob would 'behave' or comply for his session. I hope I put their minds at ease quickly (as I try to do with all Newbie clients) Babies cry, they poop, they need fed or sometimes just a 'mama cuddle' all of this is ok, and is factored into time for a newborn Session. I ENJOY all of these moments, as well as the cute, getting to sleep brand new cuddle moments ;-) That being said, if my 'models' just are too curious to play - I like to capture these moments too. Plus I get to sit and babble - and have a bet with myself on how long it may take, to get said awake baby- asleep, its great! :-)

Thanks for entrusting, these brand new moments to me. I look forward to seeing you all again in the not so distant future.

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