Monday, 7 July 2014

Zara 5 days young - Angie B Photography - Newborn Photography Scotland

Sonia and Solhail had initially booked in for a Newborn Session at my Studio, although as with all births (and labour) nothing is quite predictable, so they found that afterwards actually they would prefer the Session in their own home - allowing them both to have to do nothing really other than get up and dressed (and ALL the new baby duties) and wait on me to arrive - to take over baby cuddles for the next two hours :-) And because I always schedule in flexibility for Newborn Sessions (which is why I recommend booking while pregnant) changing venues, was not a problem.

Introducing Zara, with bountiful, glossy locks (Ive not seen such a full head of hair in a long time!) and Eyelashes to DIE FOR. Any of you, who know or have had a session - probably know I have a 'thing' about eyelashes - and Zara was the PERFECT model, with eyelashes that women, would pay good money for! :-)

I was actually referred to Sonia by previous clients, the Bunch's (I had the joy of covering their wedding reception and capturing their very own Newborn - Lucy) as I often find most of my clients are - referrals from previous clients. After discovering they hadn't had an 'ideal' experience with professional photographers previously - I felt humbled by the referral, thanks guys :-)

All in all, I had a great time - chatting with Sonia (cups of Tea from Solhail - thank you!) and just generally having an enjoyable morning at work while cuddling this cutie.
Enjoy doting on Zara - a complete bundle of 'sugarpie!'.
(I loved that I could freely agree with her Mum how much we wanted 'to eat her cuteness!' without any weirdness lol!)

Wonder where Zara got those good looks? Look below............I persuaded Mum and Dad to step in front of the camera for literally a minute or two...What a gorgeous family, I hope our paths cross again in the future!

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