Sunday, 6 July 2014

Aaron and Jade Love Wedding - Angie B Photography - Airth Castle, Scotland

I just smiled BIG smiles, when I first got this booking, with a surname like 'Love' and being a wedding assignment (and my belief in fate) I knew this was going to be a great day - I was not disappointed!

Aaron, Jade and their two children Aimee and Cole, held their big day at Airth Castle, and what a venue, with a friendly, efficient wedding team - no problem seemed to big or little for them :-) Thanks for making a busy day easier.

I first met Jade and her bridesmaids in her bridal suite, where everything was relatively calm and pretty much stayed that way! (Apart from a bit of champagne decoration) ;-) not pointing any fingers :-)

Before peeking in on the boys (who in hindsight realised they perhaps left it a minute or two too late to start getting ready) :-) Although after a quick whip round they were all looking 'dashing' in their kilts and ready to head to the Castle. For me personally, when venue and the time allows it - I love being able to peek in on both bride and groom before the ceremony, you can never predict who will be the 'nervous' one ;-)

After a beautiful ceremony for the couple and involving their children (Cole wanted a front row seat and too right!) There were smiles, laughter and tears from friends and family who were truly happy to see this family's big day. (I can never get enough of that) As any 'perfect' big day would have - there was laughter and stories, dancing and singing and the list could go on......Instead I will allow a sample of their images below to tell the rest of their story.

Mr & Mrs Love - truly thank you for entrusting your big day to me, I hope I captured the spirit of your day as you remember it and have given you a reminder which will make you smile for many years to come :-)

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