Monday, 2 January 2012


Its that time of year, when we reflect on the last year and make some decisions regarding the upcoming year, things we want to change, people we want to spend more time with.
As you will all see my son (and muse) features in my blog/website regularly, so I thought I would share this years Project 366 with you all. A glimpse into my mind (warning:venture with caution! lol) and daily activities, there will be an entry for each day. I find it provides me with something more special than a journal, as these images provoke an array of emotion, thoughts and sensations of that day, that it would take me pages to fully explain or describe. I hope you enjoy these...At best these will be uploaded daily, otherwise I will upload these on a weekly basis to my blog for you to see, all comments are welcome.

Day 1. What better way to start than with an image of my very own angel...

Day 2: Rain, Sleet and More Rain........Think I'll stay here...

Day 3. The Best part of my day, was my son telling me I was a star (my heart melted) right after singing "twinkle little star" before bedtime.....what a heartbreaker he is.

Day 4.                                   The soul that can speak through the eyes can
                                             also kiss with a gaze....Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.

Another Rainy Day + Last day of my holidays = quality time with my boys