Saturday, 24 May 2014

Kennedy Girls in the Flowers - Bluebell Session

Welcome to one of my favourite places at this time of year, The Bluebell Woods. This year I used the Woods near Murthly/Kinclaven and they did not disappoint, although there are various of these woodlands around Perth just now :-)
Who better to go for a stroll in the flowers with than these Lovely Ladies? Lindsay had contacted me previously specifically for Bluebell Sessions after seeing last years images, we both agreed that this was a wonderful place to capture some natural, whimsical moments between Lindsay and her daughters, Emelia and Poppy.

Girls - I had such good fun with you all, I sincerely hope you did too (I think you did my the big smiles you left with!) ;-) My goal is to always capture your family as they are, natural, free, unrestricted. I hope I did this for you, capturing your special bond with each other and this precious time for you - as these moments are fleeting....before you know it they are at school and off! I hope our paths cross again Ladies! xxx

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Jack, Amber & Max - Outside/ Environmental Session

The day of Jack, Amber & Max's Session rained showers pretty much all day up until the time of our Session (see my Sun Dance's work - for any of you that dont believe I do them, ask my kids! :-) )
Three nicer kids you could not meet, Jack (10 going on 16 - but in the best way!), Amber - who is a little diva after my own heart; I would take her out for the day just for the entertainment! Max (Jack and Ambers cousin)- I had actually photographed as a Newborn so it was lovely to see how he had grown now he was nearly 10 months old.

In order to capture natural smiles, playfulness and real character from kids, I always veer towards an on Location Session. The confines of a Studio setting - backdrop, lights etc can be quite restricting and its hard to encourage them to get crazy funny within these limitations. So I recommended to Barbara (Jack & Ambers mum) that a visit to the park on their doorstep would be just great - as I say you would be surprised  what locations with the right light can make a lovely backdrop/setting for your images.

After spending the Session time with the kids (and Adults in the background) ;-) I had a wonderful time and a great giggle, they are three lovely natured children and looking back on their photos while editing them. I can't help but look at the closeness and gentle nature Jack has with his Sister, Amber. And can only hope my two are such best buddies when they are this age too! - Jack, you can carry my bags anytime! :-)