Thursday, 11 December 2014

Jen and Ryan Wedding - Huntingtower Hotel, Perthshire.

As most of you know to ensure a personal, quality service from myself, I tend to only take on one wedding each weekend due to the effort, energy I put into these often 12-14 hour days. Although from time to time, I am offered jobs from couples that I really want to be a part of, so I bend the rule occasionally ;-)
This was most certainly so for Jen and Ryan -as often is the case I was referred to them by a previous client and upon our first consultation (to see if we were all a good 'fit') I knew it would be a day full of laughter and fun (for them and me!) After a much longer meeting than necessary (we had lots of banter) I knew I wanted to be their photographer...:-)

I arrived to find Jen with a full stomach (another good sign - no nerves...yet!), having fun with her 'girls' in her suite. This is a favourite part of the day for me, I get to sneak peeks at all the dresses, listen to all the jokes and giggles and just generally get excited with everyone before the day marches on. And a wedding always goes by soooo quickly....Hopefully these images allow my couple to savour all those moments that flew by so fast...

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Katie and Fraser Wedding : Angie B Photography - St.Morroes Church and Balbirnie House Hotel

This year has been crazy busy with Weddings, Portraits and everything in between, so I am only now getting around to doing the Summers Wedding Blog posts....:-O (Better late than never!)

Starting off with the wonderful wedding of Katie and Fraser at St. Murroes Church - a quaint, gorgeous little chapel nestled in the Scottish countryside. This Church holds many memories and sentiment for Katie and her family, so it was her dream to be married there also :-)

I drove to the Church in rain, it stopped for a brief moment then the heavens really opened up! But it didnt put a dampener on things as all the guests arrived, smiling as if it was the best Summers day!
Due to restrictions at St.Murroes (as with some other Churches), photography coverage was not permitted during the Ceremony, this is something for Brides to be to think about when considering and booking venues etc. Coverage can sometimes be limited only, if not permitted.
 Obviously for Katie, the familiarity of this Church and personal memories for her outweighed this 'drawback' and for me I loved being able to sit down and really enjoy their ceremony with them!

After the Ceremony, it was on to Balbirnie House Hotel, a 5 star venue and multiple time winners of Best Scottish Wedding Venue and they didnt disappoint! A superb venue, with stunning grounds (although unfortunately the torrential rain prevented us from using them at all) and super friendly, helpful staff - I had a great time working with them.
Instead we used the gorgeous interior of the hotel, a StairCase to 'die for' - just wow! along with the long Gallery and Ballroom.
The night continued with laughter, dancing and general merriment, its always a joy to see these moments for me as I stand back and observe....the preparation, hard work etc has all culminated in these moments of pure joy for the happy couple (and their guests).
Again Katie and Fraser, thank you so much for inviting me into your big day.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Trust me a little................When I say im stopping Studio Family favour of Lifestyle and On Location.

Each year, I check equipment, sort out Training workshops I'll be attending and try and co-ordinate them in between an already busy wedding diary.

After such a lot of use it has come time to renew my Larger Studio Items and I came to the realisation, that I have to prioritise and I enjoy sessions with young children best in their own home/environment or at Outside Locations in comparison to Studio environment. As well as the images I produce that my clients and I treasure the most, are always captured in a more natural environment than a high key studio set up.

The images that make me smile the broadest when capturing and then editing later are natural images, moments caught between families, everyday images (that you remember in your mind now) but become a little hazy in 10 years time. That image of your daughter on a stool helping blow bubbles and do washing up - fast forward to now head and shoulders above the worktops (and refusing to have anything to do with the dishes!) lol.

This being the case I am intending to stop offering Family Studio Sessions currently (this may not be a forever situation, but for the moment at least and while there is decent weather out there!). My photography is not only my passion, but it is also my full time job and sole income allowing me to provide for my children and family - happily! So I have weighed up the pros and cons, and although I may miss out on a few of you who have your heart set out on Studio Sessions - Im hoping you'll still return another time and those of you who are drawn to the type of images I produce, will have faith when I advise you on how or where is best to achieve this and with young children its very often not a studio environment.

What works for me - wont work for all, but I am at a stage in my career, where I feel happy to turn some work down in favour of  doing work I love even more, capturing some SUPER natural images...while getting to play with your family or children :-)

If Studio style images are the only ones you would like to have framed on your wall, then I accept I am not the photographer for you at this moment - but would happy to direct you to some other fabulous local photographers who could assist you. There are many of us, this being a great positive - that each and every one of us have our own style and vision for you to try and match to yours. Although please everyone, ensure you are dealing with a professional who can provide consistently good work, to a certain extent - you do get what you pay for.

All in all, for just now, I am going to concentrate on providing the type of images for clients that I LOVE to capture of my own children. So if you do like my work and want similar images of your children, trust me when I give my advice ;-) (However 'out the box' it may And I hope to hear from some of you soon.....

Friday, 29 August 2014

Carolyn and Steve - Doubletree Hilton, Dundee by Angie B Photography - wedding photography scotland

Saturday 26th July, 2014 belonged to Mr and Mrs Greer - who had the most amazing day at DoubleTree Hilton in Dundee. As you may have read from previous posts, I enjoy ALL my weddings and end up feeling quite friendly with all my couples - Carolyn and Steve were no exception.

 I knew even during our pre-wedding consultation, when I discovered how Steve proposed we would all have fun on the day. Steve was still a little tender from his stag do (Carolyn let him go to Ibiza! - lucky man) :-) but we still had a giggle and a good natter (probably me and Carolyn most though) ;-). These meetings are just as much about me creating a schedule and timeline as they are about us all getting to know each other and allowing couples to know more about my style and feel comfortable around me! (Before I point that big camera at you!) ;-)

I met Carolyn and her 'maids' in their suite, as they were preparing for the day. (I like this part, its like the getting ready with your friends on a Sat night when you were younger). Now some brides barely manage toast for nerves and things to do on their day, when C told me that she had eaten a full fry up - I knew it was game on. No nerves = even more fun!

I met Steve and his 'boys' outside, who were just as excited as the girls inside! :-) yay! I had remembered Steve had mentioned he didnt exactly enjoy having his photo taken, although no one else would have guessed - natural, like his beautiful wife! 

During their ceremony there were such personal readings conducted by friends and family, along with their mutual friend playing the guitar as Carolyn walked down the aisle, to be greeted by a groom in awe. (Honestly these guys were really cute together!)
They even had a 30 or 40 year old bottle of whiskey to drink from the quaich together, which unfortunately the best man had a little problems opening ;-) I'll say NO more....
All day I saw how many smiles (and tears) their friends and family had for them and their big day, again another 'big day' I left smiling broadly and feeling more like I was a guest than doing a 12 hour work day.
 I'll let the following sample of images tell the story of the rest of their day.